Saturday, May 27, 2017

the former Callander and Oban Railway, Scotland

"The Callander and Oban Railway company was built with the intention of linking the sea port of Oban to the railway network. This involved a long line from Callander through wild and thinly populated terrain, and shortage of money meant that the line was opened in stages from 1866 to 1880.

"The line improved the economy of Oban, especially for the fishing trade and for tourism, but the winter traffic was limited. The company built a branch to Ballachulish, which included the construction of Connel Bridge, a remarkable bridge at Connel over Loch Etive. The branch opened in 1903, but although it opened up remote areas it was never commercially successful. It closed in 1966."

Southern Pacific tunnel motor exits the Donner Pass summit tunnel

An SD40T-2 with five other locomotives visible in the lead lash-up. There's a bit of snow in the background, but not a lot so probably late spring.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

1972 SEAT 127

Produced by the Spanish automaker between the spring of 1972 and 1982, based on the Fiat 127. A 4-door version appeared in 1973 (circa 1977 model below).