Tuesday, January 23, 2018

NAC Fokker Friendship F.27-100

Built in 1961, now preserved.  See the book The Aircraft of Air New Zealand and Affiliates since 1940

Utah Railway Alcos

No location or date but probably 1970s.  See earlier post.

take note of our new e-mail address

Vodafone in NZ closed its e-mail servers at the end of last November and promised that mail sent to the old address would be automatically forwarded.

But that hasn't been happening: probably only about 1 in 6 has been, so if you haven't had a reply from us in this time, that will be the reason.  We know we are not alone in that.

The present e-mail link is on our main homepage here: http://www.transpressnz.com/home.html

Sunday, January 21, 2018

a classic Aussie station -- Ormeau, Queensland, 1964

On the original Gold Coast line a little south-east of Beenleigh.  A new line for high speed trains was built in the mid-1990s and the Ormeau station now is rather different to this.  From the I Love Ormeau Facebook page

1954 Plymouth

The Plymouth logo hood ornament is missing and some original chrome is painted black, among other things.

cars on the Maryhill Ferry, Columbia River, 1955

Viewed from the Oregon side of the river, the Washington side is in the background.  The ferry was replaced by the 2,567 ft (783-metre) long Sam Hill Memorial bridge in 1962, info

A 1955 Plymouth Savoy and a Cadillac of the same year are in the front.